A mother’s heartbreaking story, plus mammogram guidance and cancer-fighting nutrients

Derek McFadden, pictured at left with his mom Robin McFadden, was 23 when he took his own life on Aug, 17, 2018, in Tucson, Arizona. (Robin McFadden) ‘BROKE MY HEART’ – A New York mother said she believes chronic sleep deprivation contributed to her son’s suicide. She shares the heartbreaking story with Fox News Digital. … Read more

When a parent must care for a parent: How to avoid caregiving burnout

For members of the so-called “sandwich generation,” doing double-duty caregiving can take a toll. Serving as a caregiver for a parent with dementia while also caring for kids and maintaining social and work relationships can come with physical, mental and emotional challenges, several experts expressed to Fox News Digital.  It can be especially difficult dealing … Read more

Common mental health problem can shorten cancer survivors’ lives, study finds

Cancer survivors who feel lonely tend to have a greater risk of dying, research suggests. The study, led by the American Cancer Society (ACS) and published in the Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (JNCCN), found that cancer survivors with the highest levels of loneliness had the highest mortality risk, according to a press … Read more

Breast cancer mammogram screenings should start at age 40 instead of 50, says health task force

Women should get mammograms every other year starting at age 40, according to updated recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF). This is a significant change from previous guidelines, which said women should begin biennial mammograms at age 50, but could opt to begin as young as 40. The task force also noted … Read more

US health experts recommend less alcohol as new research challenges benefits

Global drinking guidelines are shifting towards recommending less alcohol consumption. More than 200 health conditions have been linked to alcohol, according to the World Health Organization. Genetic studies show that people with a gene variant making alcohol unpleasant tend to have lower heart disease risks. It’s wine time. Beer Thirty. Happy hour. Five o’clock somewhere. … Read more

‘Liquid gold’ could bring new hope to multiple sclerosis patients, study suggests

Researchers may have hit “gold” when it comes to the treatment of multiple sclerosis. An experimental medication called CNM-Au8 — a drinkable liquid with gold nanocrystals — has shown promising results in clinical trials in terms of improvements in MS symptoms. The “catalytically active” liquid, developed by Clene Nanomedicine in North East, Maryland, can cross … Read more

Cancer immunity gets a boost from one common nutrient, study finds: ‘Intrigue and optimism’

Vitamin D could be a surprise weapon against cancer, new research suggests. A study of mice published in the journal Science last week found that eating a diet rich in vitamin D changed the gut microbiome in a way that boosted cancer immunity. The micronutrient increased levels of the bacterium Bacteroides fragilis, which has been … Read more

Cancer trends revealed, including most common types of the disease and biggest risk factors

Almost 40% of Americans will receive a cancer diagnosis at some point in their lifetime — but certain types are more common than others, statistics show. USAFacts, a Washington-based nonprofit that compiles government data and reports on it, took a deep dive into the latest cancer data to identify trends — and shared the results … Read more